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Central Oregon Beer Week

10-Days of Craft Beer and One Humungous Beer Growler

Beer is kind of a big deal in Bend, Oregon. We won’t bore you with stats like Bend has more craft breweries per capita than any other city in Oregon (26!). And that Oregon ranks number one with the most craft breweries per capita than any other state in the U.S. (over 230 and still growing!). And that the Bend Ale Trail was the first dedicated beer trail in the nation.

Yeah, we think craft beer is a pretty big deal and in Central Oregon, we find all kinds of ways to celebrate our favorite frothy beverage. For starters, Central Oregon Beer Week, a 10-day craft beer festival officially kicks off summer every Memorial Day weekend in Bend, Oregon. And it only makes sense that a big beer festival needs a big beer growler.

Meet The Juggernaut, the world’s largest beer growler by DrinkTanks and the official growler of Central Oregon Beer Week happening May 22-31, 2015. In honor of Central Oregon Beer Week, locals can nab a 20% discount off one of our DrinkTanks stainless steel beer growlers, which not only keeps beverages cold -- or hot -- for 24 hours, but also keeps your beer freshly carbonated for up to one week with our exclusive keg cap kit technology. Syanara flat beer. 

If you're feeling lucky and like snapping selfies, you can tackle the Epic Brewery Tour for a chance to win a DrinkTanks growler and keg cap along with some other cool prizes like a stay at Sunriver Resort. Then come back this summer for back-to-back beer fests and events like the Fermentation Celebration in June, Bend BrewFest in August, The Little Woody Barrel-Aged Brew and Whiskey Festival and Bend Oktoberfest in September, and finally for Bend Ale Trail Month in November where you can collect a trophy just for drinking beer. Told you we were pretty serious about our beer here in Bend. Cheers to cold, carbonated beer all summer long!

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