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3 Great Craft Beers for Beginners

As humans, it’s only natural for us to be habitual in nearly every aspect of our life. From something as seemingly trivial to our haircut to something as essential as the food we eat and drink, escaping routine can prove to be a challenging—and often rewarding—experience. Changing our diet habits, that is to say altering what we eat and drink, is especially challenging because—more often than not—we have subconscious connections with certain aromas, tastes, and textures. Alas, your very presence here, reading this, means you’re looking to step out of your comfort zone. You’ve maybe tried some craft beers in the past, that didn’t quite seem to resonate with you—and you’re still not quite sure what the fuss is all about, but you’re committed to figuring it all out. Or perhaps you’re coming in completely unadulterated. It may even be the case that you don’t like the taste of beer at all, but your friends insist you try this and that. Well, curious reader, you’re in luck! We’ve put together a list of 3 Craft Beers for Beginners that will, hopefully, prove to be a nice introduction to the world of great tasting beer. But why these beers in particular? Jargon aside (for the sake of simplicity), the following beers taste great and are incredibly drinkable. Fill up your DrinkTanks growler with these gateway beers!

Gumballhead | 3 Floyds Brewing Co. | Munster, IN

ABV 5.60%, 35 IBU 3 Floyds’ Gumballhead is an American wheat beer that can be purchased year-around. It makes our list of craft beer for beginners for its crisp, juicy-smooth, citrus finish. What turns a lot of people off from craft beers is the misconception that they’re all these liquid death traps of bitterness. Gumballhead’s relatively low 35 IBU proves that not all craft beers are created equal. This bizarre blend of grapefruit, mango, lemon, and yes… bubblegum flavors, is a hoppy wheat beer that almost everyone will enjoy.

Citradelic Tangerine IPA | New Belgium Brewing | Fort Collins, CO

ABV: 6.00%, 50 IBU Cintradelic’s Tangerine IPA is a fruity beer that doesn’t hold its punches. What makes this beer an excellent beer for beginners is how perfectly it blends all of its elements into one incredibly drinkable package, yet retains a respectable 6% ABV. Your senses are held hostage the moment you begin pouring—and what you smell is exactly what you’re getting here. It’s impossible to not taste the tangerine, orange peel, and caramel notes throughout each sip. If beer in general isn’t necessarily your alcoholic beverage of choice, it is highly recommended to start your journey here.

Anti-Hero | Revolution Brewing | Chicago, IL

ABV: 6.50%, 65 IBU Revolution’s iconic Anti-Hero is a beer that stole a lot of hearts when it was first introduced. It’s the beer that made us look at light beer and proudly proclaim at the top of our soon-to-be intoxicated lungs, “Never again!” With so many different beers popping up, many craft beer drinkers have since moved on, but we do indeed find ourselves returning every now and then because, after all, there is no place like home. Massive floral and citrus aromas combined with a crisp bitterness that doesn’t necessarily stray too far away from familiarity make this an excellent craft beer for beginners.
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