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4 Great Gifts For Dad This Holiday Season

Shopping for yourself is easy -- shopping for your father is much more difficult. Hopefully, these ideas will help you overcome the difficulties of shopping for your dad this holiday, and you can really impress him with some great gifts. Here are some excellent ideas for presents for dad this holiday season. Insulated beer growler There is something about growler beer that is just so much better than traditional cans or bottles. The craft beer market in the United States is currently worth approximately $23.5 billion -- and it's only gaining in popularity. Thanks to growler beer, Americans are trying new beers, gifting these new beers to their friends and families, and restocking their personal favorites much more than ever before. If you really want to win son or daughter of the year award, get your dad his own personal beer growler this holiday season... maybe he'll even share some of that tasty brew with you. Tickets to a concert or game After your family, beer, and probably food, your father's favorite pastime is probably music or sports. So get him some tickets to either his favorite band (if they are still touring) or his favorite sports team. Just because it's not baseball season doesn't mean you shouldn't get him tickets to see his favorite ball team, either. He will gladly accept any tickets and will love you even more for them. New wallet Everyone could use a new wallet, especially old fathers. If your dad is anything like George Constanza, which he probably is, he DEFINITELY needs a new wallet. Pairing some new ties, a few extra pairs of socks, and a new wallet can be the perfect holiday gift for dad. Golf balls, golf balls, and more golf balls Obviously, this is dependent on whether or not your dad actually golfs, but even if he doesn't, it's the thought that counts, right? If he does golf, however, he'll surely love getting a few boxes of his favorite golf balls. They aren't cheap and can be a hassle once golf season is finally here -- so save him some trouble. If you want to check out some of the best beer growlers around and really impress your father this holiday season, contact DrinkTanks today.
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