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64 Oz Of Beer On The Wall: All About Different Types Of Growlers

Any beer geek worth their stripes likely already owns at least one growler. These large containers are perfect for taking that perfect beer with you to share with friends without having to buy an entire keg. Or, if you're out at a new brewery and get a taste of the perfect beer, a growler is great for keeping enough to share without having to scramble to remember the name of it. But what kind of growler is best? Here are the main types of growlers out there, so you can decide which one is best for your needs.


Ceramic growlers are a less common choice, but are certainly still available. Ceramic insulated growlers are great for making sure your beer doesn't go bad, as they block out UV rays and light from reaching the beer. However, these growlers are harder to find and more expensive, generally, than their metal and glass counterparts. They also can crack if dropped the wrong way, so be careful; don't bring this type to any event where it's in danger of damage.


Stainless steel growlers are an incredibly popular choice for more active beer enthusiasts. Their durable nature makes them a great option for concerts, hiking, or anywhere where there's a chance your growler might get dropped. Stainless steel insulated growlers are also good at keeping your beer colder for longer, as they're designed to maintain the temperature of the beer inside.


These growlers are also a fairly common sight in bars around the country. Because of their transparency, it's easier to see when these growlers are filled and how much beer is left inside them. Just be sure to buy a growler with colored glass instead of clear, to reduce the amount of light getting to the beer. Additionally, this is another fragile option; be careful not to drop it. With small and independent breweries now accounting for 12% of the total beer industry, growlers are the perfect way to experience a wide variety of new beers without going overboard. Looking for the perfect growler for you? DrinkTanks has a wide variety of growlers, personal kegs, and some of the best gifts for beer lovers out there.
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