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DrinkTanks Growlers

Camp Supplies: DrinkTanks™ and Wild Ride Brewing

Go check out Wild Ride Brewing in Redmond! They have a pretty awesome set up and now they have some pretty awesome DrinkTanks™. Let’s be honest, when you think camp supplies, your mind probably won’t go to customized stainless steel growlers. But DrinkTanks™ knows that it’s actually perfect for your outdoors trip. Not only does it hold craft beer for when you’re camping out with your friends and family next to a warm fire, but you can fill it with water or Kombucha while you’re out on your next hike. Keep anything carbonated fresh and ready to drink while you’re out. Anytime. Excited to announce we have red and black DrinkTanks™ available in the Tap Room! They make the perfect camp supplies for your next outdoor adventure in Bend, Oregon or wherever you are. Come get yours today, as they’ll go quickly!
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