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Draft Magazine and DrinkTanks

Draft Magazine Features DrinkTanks

We're thrilled to announce that DrinkTanks has been featured in DRAFT Magazine's Freebie Friday! DRAFT Magazine is a vibrant platform where beer enthusiasts, both seasoned and newcomers, unite in their shared passion. They offer rich insights into the world of beer, covering its history, diverse brewing techniques, and styles​. Their content includes in-depth analyses of favorite brews, interviews with pioneering craft brewers, and articles that cater to a wide audience. This platform continuously seeks to inspire and educate beer lovers, fostering a community where enthusiasts can learn, grow, and explore innovative brewing techniques together​.

DRAFT Magazine's dedication to exploring the delicate balance of ingredients and techniques gives rise to a myriad of beer styles, from crisp Pilsners to robust Porters, ensuring no hop or malt goes unnoticed​. They bring together expertise and passion, guiding readers through homebrewing journeys and sharing the joy of creating something truly special​. Their exploration of beer doesn't stop at the brewing process. The magazine dives into the latest trends, discovering game-changing flavors and techniques that shape the future of brewing​.

Moreover, DRAFT Magazine celebrates local craft beers, capturing the essence of cities across the USA and beyond, from bustling taprooms of established breweries to innovative microbreweries​. DrinkTanks' collaboration with such a dynamic and influential platform is not just an opportunity for exposure but also aligns perfectly with our brand ethos of quality, innovation, and community in the world of beer and adventure.

Remember to like DRAFT Magazine's page for the latest beer tips and information. Cheers to this exciting feature and the continuous journey in the ever-evolving world of beer!

Draft Magazine and DrinkTanks
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