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DrinkTanks' 3 Tips for a More Mindful Valentine's Day

DrinkTanks' 3 Tips for a More Mindful Valentine's Day

Somewhere along the line people have gotten the idea that a box of chocolates and a romantic candlelit dinner is the best way to show your affection for the one you love. Our advice: try something different!
  1. Give experience, not stuff.
An easy thing for us to write: “Give your loved one the gift of fresh beer this Valentine’s Day by giving them a DrinkTanks Growler!” A better thing for us to write: Buy a growler for your loved one if it helps to compliment an experience you plan for them. Homemade sushi night? Sure! Fatbike tour? Absolutely!
  1. Be Flexible on the Date
Your love shouldn’t be confined to one single day. Rather than fighting the crowds to get that special restaurant reservation, why not avoid the traffic and pick another day? We recommend sometime in the week before Valentine’s Day. The atmosphere will be more relaxed, and you’ll be able to linger longer without the restaurant staff looking to clear your table.
  1. Make it personal.
Balloons, Hallmark cards and the like are nice, but not likely to be very memorable. Take a moment to think about your loved one, as well as their qualities and interests. Does a mass-produced card really encompass all they mean to you? We hope not. Make your own card, or buy one from a local artist, and write down a few things you appreciate about your loved one. Keep it simple, and don’t overthink it. They’ll appreciate you taking the time to thank them for the things that matter to you.
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