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New Offers on Kickstarter

New Offers on Kickstarter

You asked, we listened! Thank you for all the support so far on Kickstarter! We are excited to announce our new offers available for the remaining 23 days. If you have already pledged, adjust the amount for what you would like to include. If you are new to pledge pick the reward and add whatever else you would like!

The Physical Vapor Deposition PVD copper finish is extraordinarily cool; here is a little information about it: PVD coating benefits are many. PVD can provide a lifetime of protection from daily cleaning, which adds durability and value to your product. Traditional electroplating of brass, nickel, and copper finishes requires a clear coat that degrades with time and can easily tarnish or corrode. PVD requires no clear top coats that fade or dull. It is four times harder than chrome, which makes it corrosion and scratch resistant. PVD coatings surpassed 1200 hours of neutral salt spray. Benefits of PVD technology:

  • Superior Wear Resistance
  • Superior Corrosion Resistance
  • Superior Chemical Resistance
  • Brilliant Decorative Finish
  • High Hardness-2nd to Diamond
  • Uniform Coating
  • Will not Chip, Tarnish or Fade
  • Low Maintenance
  • Environmentally Friendly Process


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