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Paste Magazine Features The Juggernaut

Paste Magazine Features The Juggernaut

Guess there’s nothing wrong with your standard growler. At first glance, that big 64-ounce jug of beer seems like a lot…until you see The Juggernaut, the new massive, 128-ounce growler from DrinkTanks. That’s a gallon of beer. Or 10 bottles. And it’s the largest growler in the world. DrinkTanks already made a name for themselves with their original 64-ounce growler and mini CO2 tap system, but they’re shooting for the moon with the Juggernaut. Pair it with their new auto-regulating CO2 tap, and you’ve got a personal keg system that fits in the basket on the front of your bike. That’s pretty dope. Read full article...
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