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DrinkTanks Portable Keg

What can I put in my DrinkTanks Portable Keg?

We get this question a lot about our portable keg: What exactly can I put in my DrinkTanks™ customized growler?

Well, you can fill up your DrinkTanks™ with anything your taste buds desire. Normally, people like to fill up their portable keg with craft beer, but you can also use them for hot drinks as well. Some examples include coffee and cocoa, or hot tea. In fact, you can place any liquid you’d like to keep fresh while out and about. It’s all about convenience, and we want you to take your portable keg anywhere you’d like.

The best part is, our portable keg will not impart flavors on your drink or stain the bottle. When you clean it, it’s clean. Acidic fruit juices will not wear it down or ruin the taste of future drinks. As for us, we like to use craft beer, our favorite wines, spirits, sodas and colas, and duh, water. So you can take your portable keg on your next camping trip!

For other questions about your DrinkTanks™, you can always go to our FAQ page at our website. We’d love to answer any and all of your questions and comments about the versatility of our products.

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