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3 Beer-tastic Gifts for Every Beer Lover In Your Life

Beer gifts are becoming increasingly popular now a days. About 14% of people in the United States drink beer once a week, and getting a gift for someone who loves beer can be very easy because you have so many options. Here are three awesome gifts for every beer lover in your life. Custom Growlers A growler is a container that is meant for transporting beer. Growler containers keep beer at their intended temperature and carbonation perfectly. They often come in a 64 ounce size, so you can fit all the beer you want inside. Their most popular purpose is to take beer home from a pub that offers beer on tap. Custom growlers make great gifts because they can be personalized. You can put a special message or your loved one's name right on custom growlers. Bottle Openers Beer drinkers need bottle openers to be able to enjoy their brews. This doesn't warrant any old bottle opener. Get one in the shape on antlers for your hunting friend or a shark head for your friend that is way too into shark week. Regardless, you can get just about any kind of opener to suit your loved one's personality. Beer Making Kits That's right, you can actually buy kits to make your own beer. What beer lover doesn't want to drink a beer that they made themselves? You can get kits in almost any flavor that you can think of, as well as different types. IPAs, pale ales, porters, and everything in between can be home made. It will expand the drinker's appreciation and horizons. Personalized gifts are the best, and every beer lover in your life will appreciate your attention to detail when you get them an awesome beer gift. Any of these suggested gifts and so many more would be perfect for anyone who loves beer.
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