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64 oz growler

3 Things You Didn't Know About the Hot New Craft Beer Scene

If you have been anywhere near a bar lately, you know that the craft beer scene is exploding. We can't get enough of our craft beer. This is a relatively new phenomenon, however. Just a few years ago, most people were content with their domestic brews. Not anymore. Right now in the United States, the craft beer market is worth over $23.5 billion. We obviously love our craft brews these days, but what is going on? Why are these beverages suddenly taking over the beer scene? Here are three things you need to know about craft beer. Experimentation Beer drinkers are ready for something new. They are tired of the same old domestic brews they've been drinking for years. These full-flavored beers are hitting the spot for beer drinkers all over the country. They enjoy tasting all the new and exciting flavors that they couldn't get before with domestic brews. Not only are drinkers wanting something new, breweries are looking for a new taste as well. Brewers love testing out new recipes and growing new kinds of hops. Making a beer that no one has ever tasted before is incredibly exciting. New breweries are starting to make their names all across the country with their never before seen flavors, just waiting for patrons to fall in love. Socialization As silly as it sounds, many people like to get into what their friends are into. It gives one a sense of pride to walk into a bar or pub and know the names of the unique craft beers they have in store. Before, you used to only see the big names on tap at your local tavern. Now, you may encounter brews that you have never heard of before every time you go out, and that is exciting to many beer lovers. Growlers Craft beer is the perfect beverage to transport in growlers. What are growlers? They are airtight containers that are made of various materials and are used to transport beer. They are able to do so while keeping the temperature and freshness of the beer. There are many unique growlers for every beer drinker out there. Stainless steel growlers, metal growlers, and even 64 oz growlers for the beer drinker that can never have enough. If you are looking for the perfect gift for the craft beer lover you know check out the 64 oz growlers, and all the other awesome growlers we sell. Get one for yourself too!
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