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3 Reasons Stainless Steel Is Better Than Glass For Beer Growlers

The craft beer scene is exploding all over the world right now. In fact, small and independent craft breweries now make up 12% of the market share of the overall beer industry. But what makes craft brew different from mass-produced brews? They are done in small batches and are often locally produced.

One accessory that is growing in popularity along with the craft beer industry is beer growlers. A growler container is one that holds beer, to put it simply. It allows the drinker to transport beer from place to place while keeping the beer's temperature and taste.

There are two basic materials used for producing growlers: metal and glass.

Compared to glass, insulated stainless steel growlers are simply better. Here's why.

Glass Breaks This one may be pretty obvious, but it is a major arguable point in this debate. Let's say you just went to a new pub, found an awesome brew, and you want to take it home. Or maybe you just brewed your own masterpiece and want to show it off to your friends. Now imagine you accidentally drop your growler in transportation. Bye, bye beer.

You Can't Insulate Glass Insulated stainless steel growlers have their name for a reason. When you throw your cold brew in a glass growler, it won't stay cold for very long. Glass growlers have a smaller neck, and the lids do not seal as well. You can potentially be letting out CO2 and affecting the temperature.

Skunking If you are a beer drinker, you know what skunking is. This basically means the beer spoils when it is exposed to too much sunlight. Skunking is the main motivator behind the dark glass beer bottles in the first place, compared to clear ones. Stainless steel growlers do not allow any sunlight to get into the container, and therefore, skunking is not an issue.

If you're a beer lover, you absolutely should invest in a beer growler. If you want the better choice, make sure you stick with an insulated stainless steel growler. They keep your beer cold and fresh, and they really can't break. Check out our inventory today for the beer growler of your dreams.

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