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Why Beer Growlers Are Better For the Environment Compared to Bottles and Cans

The holiday season is coming up soon, and you're probably planning on bringing a beer or two to these festive get-togethers. Considering that 14% of Americans drink beer once a week, beer is a safe bet that almost everyone at the party can enjoy. However, the environment does not enjoy the cans and bottles you're bringing everywhere.

The problem with bottles and cans

There are more than 100,000 aluminum cans recycled every minute across America, and that's great. However, it doesn't solve the ever-growing trash problems that this nation experiences. Americans still throw away nearly 250 million tons of garbage every year, most of which ends up in landfills. Even materials that are 100% recyclable still take up energy and resources to be recycled. Additionally, materials like glass can be easily broken, posing a threat to workers at recycling facilities. Because of this, recycling facilities only accept the materials when they are intact. Finally, materials like glass and aluminum are associated with CO2 emissions during bottle production, which is obviously not good for the environment either.

Why growlers are better

What does this have to do with craft beer and beer growlers? Well, many beers come in cans and bottles. These containers can only be reused and recycled a certain number of times before they end up in the landfills with everything else that gets thrown away. Insulated growlers are a great solution to this problem. These reusable containers let you transport craft beer (even wine) from place to place, letting you enjoy your beverage in an eco-friendly way. You can transport your brews from home to a friends house, or from a local brewery back to your own kitchen. Not only are you taking away cans and bottles from your own consumption routine, but you're saving the local breweries from having to bottle their beer as well. If you're ready to start living a more sustainable lifestyle today, it's time to get yourself a beer growler. They make great gifts, too, so get some for all of your friends as well!
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