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growler with tap

5 Growler Accessories for Every Craft Beer Lover

Beer growlers are containers that are used to store and transport craft beer while keeping its temperature and integrity intact. The craft beer market is worth about $23.5 billion and counting in the United States, so these puppies are becoming very popular. After a beer lover gets their hands on a growler, there are some accessories they should possess as well.

Growler with tap

A growler with a tap attachment basically gives you your own personal mini keg growler. The growler tap is an interchangeable cap that can be used with the Classic 64 oz Growler and the Juggernaut 128 oz Growler. The mini keg tap will give you an effortlessly perfect pour every time, while impressing your friends and starting conversations. Who needs a whole keg when you have a growler with tap attachment?

CO2 Cartridges

These CO2 cartridges are designed for our CO2 growlers to keep the perfect amount of pressure on your beer. In order to keep it fresh, the cartridge needs to be replaced on a regular basis. They are used with the cap system to modify the growler into a personal, portable keg. They are non-lubricated, threaded cartridges to perfectly pressurize your beer.

CO2 Injector

You can't get that perfect pressurized beer without a CO2 injector. The injector should come with the growler, but you can always get a replacement if yours gets lost or broken. The injectors are very durable and made of steel, so frequent replacement should not be a problem.

Growler Caddy

If you want to transport your growler but can't keep it in hand, get yourself a caddy. We offer a leather caddy with straps that can hook to your bike if you want to peddle your way to the brewery or ride (responsibly) around your tailgating party.

Growler Crate

Beer bottles normally come in crates, so growlers should too. These crates are handmade and feature a wood construction that makes carrying and transporting multiple growlers very easy. They are perfect for travel, camping, partying, and more. The craft beer scene is enormously popular, and so are beer growlers. You can get your beer filled up at your local pub for a lower rate because you're buying in bulk, and it makes transporting a breeze. Thus, they are very popular among craft beer drinkers. If you love craft beer, but don't have a growler, check out our selection and order one for yourself today!
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