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4 Benefits of Owning an Insulated Beer Growler if You Love Craft Beer

People all around the world have been drinking beer for centuries, but the beer game has recently gained a new player: craft beer. Craft beer brewed in small batches is now extremely popular, along with beer growlers. If you love craft beer, here are some reasons you need an insulated beer growler in your life. You can share your homebrews Homebrewing is another thing that is increasing in popularity along with the craft beer scene. Typically when you brew a batch of beer at home, you have to bottle it in individual bottles. You can also save yourself a ton of time by keeping it in the keg and just filling up your growler. Kegging your beer is much easier than individual bottling, and your friends can join in on the fun. You can bring beer home from your favorite local brewery One of the best things about beer growlers is that you can fill them up at a local brewery and bring your favorite beer home with you. This allows you to enjoy the beer right from the source. Not every brewery allows this, so call ahead and check up on their rules to verify if they will let you fill up your growler. Transportation is extremely easy Growlers come in many shapes and sizes, and they are all easy to carry with you. Most growlers have a handle that makes them easy to transport, even if you have multiple growlers in your hand at once. They are air tight also, so your beer will always stay fresh. You can tap a new keg When the current keg you have at a party is running low, you can put the remaining beer in a growler or two and tap into a new keg. This ensures there is no gap in beer flow and that beer is always available to your guests at all times. Roughly 14% of Americans drink beer once a week. If you also enjoy indulging in a craft beverage, you really need to invest in a few insulated beer growlers. Not only will you be the coolest person at the pub, you can save yourself some money because insulated growlers allow you to buy beer in bulk. Check out our inventory and hook yourself up with an insulated beer growler today.
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