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Craft Beers of the Seasons and How to Transport Them

The seasons are ever-changing, especially if you live in a climate north of the equator. With the changing of the season comes many other changes. The weather changes, for one. Sometimes that change can be drastic. Food, decor, activities, and drinks typically change with the seasons, too. Fall brings apple picking, summer bring backyard BBQs, and so on. Craft beer is not an exception to seasonal trends. Craft beer consumers (84% of them) determine their beer choice based on the current season. If you are out at a party or pub somewhere and want to know what seasonal beer to order, here is a quick guide, courtesy of Craft Beer Restaurant.

Winter Beer

Darker strong ales are typically popular during the winter months. Barley wine, spiced beers, bocks, doppelbocks, stouts, imperial stouts, robust porters, and Weizenbock are also popular types of craft beer that are available when the snow falls from the sky.


During the spring, red ales make their appearance. Brews like Maibocks, Marzens, dry stouts, abbey beers, and Biere de Mars, according to Craft Beer Restuarant, come out with the flowers in the springtime.


Summertime typically brings out the lighter beers with the sunshine. Helles, Kolsch, and German-style pilsners are very common craft beers to see at the local pub during the warm months of summer. Saison, wheat beers, fruit-flavored wheat beers will also shine through at the supermarkets. Pale, amber, and blonde ales, as well as citrusy-hopped ales, are found at many backyard bonfires during the summer.


Fall is arguably the best time of year for craft beers. Oktoberfest, fresh hop ales, big IPAs, and pumpkin beers are paired with the crisp air and changing leaves of the fall season. Barrel-aged beers fermented in fruit, and smoked malt beers are also popular in autumn. Some of these specialty brews are only available during their respective seasons, so drink up before the weather changes again!

Growler Containers

Craft beers may change with the seasons, but when transporting your favorite seasonal beer, there's only one tool you need: growlers. What is a growler? A growler is an air-tight jug, typically made out of glass, ceramic, or stainless steel that allows you to take craft beer from one place to another without a sacrificing the beer's quality, according to The Kegerator. If you're looking for a great way to bring your craft brews to and fro this winter, spring, summer, or fall, consider using growler containers!
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