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Day Trips to Get the Most Out of Summer | DrinkTanks

7 Day Trips to Get the Most Out of Summer Weather

We don’t blame you for avoiding your calendars. Most of us don’t want to admit that summer is winding down — and fast. For most of us, summers mean lots of sunshine, good times, and even better drinks. 

While fall weather will be here eventually, you should take advantage of the remaining summery days. One of the easiest and best ways to do that? Hit the road. Let’s explore seven day trips you can take to get the most out of the last of summer weather. 

  1. Head to the Beach

No list is complete without the beach, so why not kick things off with one of our favorite locations. Full disclosure: Drink Tanks is based in Oregon and the beaches here are pretty darn epic if we don’t say ourselves. What’s not to like? Sand between your toes, the ocean breeze, pretty kites, and who can forget saltwater taffy. Plus, often a trip to the beach can provide relief from warmer weather. Enjoy your favorite beverage on the beach using our 64-oz Craft line growler.

  1. Visit a State Park

State parks don’t always entail going off the beaten path and having to hike for miles. In fact many of them offer paved walking paths, covered picnic tables, and more. You might be surprised at what state parks are nearby. So pull up a list of them and pick one to visit. No matter how popular or remote that park is, a visit can be a great way to extend your summer. Stay refreshed on the trail with a cold beverage in our 20-oz Craft line cup.

  1. Enjoy the Magic of the Zoo

It doesn’t matter if you live 15 minutes or a couple of hours away, you can’t go wrong making a day out of a trip to the zoo. Just saying hi to each and every animal will take at least half a day. And who doesn’t love elephants, monkeys, red pandas… the list goes on and on. And before you think that the zoo is just for families, hear us out, it’s a great option for a long date. Bottom line: no summer is complete without a visit to the zoo.

  1. Splash Around Your Local Waterpark

Water slides, wave pools, lazy rivers, lap pools, and even hot tubs. There’s something for everyone at water parks these days — making them a must-do especially in the summer. Obviously, water parks are ideal for families, but don’t be afraid to go solo. In fact, we bet you’ll enjoy your visit just as much and long as the kids do. 

  1. Discover a lot at A (Large) Museum

OK, we aren’t talking about a one-room museum here, even though a lot of those are darn interesting. Rather, take a visit to a multi-level, multi-exhibit museum, one that you can get lost in for hours because of all the captivating exhibits or artifacts. Depending on how hard you nerd out, you might wish you had more than. The one downside, you might not be able to bring outside beverages in, even when secured in one of our pint cups

  1. Take in a Local MLB Game

Ah, America’s pastime. For most of us, especially those who don’t have a major league ball team in their state, going to an MLB is an all-day affair. You want to get there early to watch batting practice, you’re going to stay all nine innings to soak in the atmosphere, and then you’ll hopefully be celebrating your team’s big win with some post-game beverages. Summer and baseball go hand-in-hand. 

  1. Explore a Scenic Highway

You don’t always need a destination. Sometimes it’s nice to get in the car and just go for a drive. It’s a great way to clear your mind especially if you’ve been dreading the end of summer. The possibilities are endless when you hit a long and pretty stretch of highway. Just make sure you keep an eye on the gas gauge and speedometer. Nothing ruins a nice summer day then getting a ticket. 

Hopefully, we’ve provided some ways for you to continue the magic of summer even after the first day of fall. We’re a big fan of all-day trips because they feel like mini-vacations. And no matter how you choose to get the most out of this last bit of summer, it’s important to stay hydrated. Keep your favorite drink nice and cold all day, with DrinkTanks. For your last-minute summer adventures, check out our aptly named Session Adventure Kit

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