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6 End-of-Summer Party Ideas

6 End-of-Summer Party Ideas

Summer is always a blur. It’s hard to believe that a new school year is underway, football season has begun, and pumpkin-spiced everything are making their way back. You know all those classic signs that fall is coming.

But if you are clinging to summer, why not make the most of it? Because technically, it’s still summer, calendar-wise. Here’s six end-of-summer party ideas to help you enjoy these last days of carefree-ness.


  1. Host a Tried and True BBQ

Hopefully, you indulged in plenty of cookouts already this summer. Nothing says summer like grilling and gathering with friends. If you haven’t had time to BBQ up until now, you owe it to yourself to have a BBQ to mark the end of summer with a bang. And where there’s burgers and brats, there’s beer. 

For a little extra fun, end the evening around a firepit with a s’mores bar – the perfect way to send off summer.

Our 64-oz Session growlers are perfect for adding a craft beer flair to BBQs. They keep enough beer cold longer enough to make sure the party lasts for hours. They are even great for keeping cocktail mixes nice and cold too. 


  1. Go on a Good ‘Ol Fashioned Picnic 

If you’re looking for something a little more intimate (or less chaotic) than a BBQ, a picnic can be a great way to celebrate the final days of summer. You can go as big or little as you want when it comes to picnic foods and beverages. PB&J sandwiches, deli fried chicken, sodas, lemonade, beer… you name it. 

What’s key is the spot you chose to lay down a blanket or sit at a picnic table. Grab a picnic basket, cooler, and head to your favorite park. The quieter and less crowded the better, especially if it’s a family affair. Use our Session pint cups to keep your drinks cold no matter if you found a shady picnic area or not. 

  1. Mingle at an Ice Cream Social

There’s no such thing as too much ice cream. That’s why winding down summer with your fav flavors of ice cream is a great idea. Invite the entire neighborhood out for an evening of ice cream with the works. Have every family bring a carton of ice cream or toppings. Don’t forget the root beer for root beer bloats. Or some stout beers to make boozy milkshakes. Yes, these are a thing and don’t knock them until you try one.

Try layering up your ice cream sundae in one of our Craft cups – keep your ice cream cold while keeping your hands comfortable. 

  1. Catch a Flick in Your Backyard

Movies are a blast especially in the comfort of your own backyard. You and the entire family can share thrills, laughs, and scares together watching a favorite classic or the latest release. All for the fraction of the cost of going to the theater. Ensure you don’t have to miss a second of the movie by having enough storage for your beverages. Our Session 32-oz growler and Session Pint Cup 3-pack is perfect for your next movie night. 

For some added fun, invite a few other families over and spread blankets, bean bags, and pillows all over the backyard for extra comfort.

Don’t have an outdoor screen or projector? There’s nothing wrong with plopping down on the couch in the family room to watch a movie. Remember, there’s nothing like quality family time while enjoying quality beverages. 

  1. Get Competitive with Some Summer Olympics

A little friendly competition never hurts anyone, right? Beat the heat of summer with some cool and fun games. We highly recommend ones that involve water balloons and Slip ‘N Slides are encouraged. Test your accuracy with a balloon toss. Exhibit your gracefulness (or lack of it) by taking a wild plunge. 

If you are feeling extra bold, summer Olympics could also be a great way for your company or work team to bond more while counting down the days of summer. Pro tip: Get approval from the higher ups and HR beforehand!

And of course, you’ve got to stay hydrated while competing for glory and bragging rights. Keep your water, fave sports drink, or adult beverage cold throughout the games with our Craft Pint Cups

  1. Host a Bottle Share

We shared tips in a previous blog post about how to host an epic Bottle Share. It’s true that a bottle share is a great indoor choice for cooler weather, but why limit yourself!? 

It can be as simple as geting your best beer-loving friends together and have everyone bring their favorite summer seasonal brews. Or it can be as intricate as pulling together a full tasting menu and matching all the beers being shared with complementing cuisine. 

Either way, everyone loves the opportunity to test new beers and the chance to find a new favorite.

The Bottom Line

Ignore the calendar a little longer and enjoy the rest of your summer. No matter how you choose to wind down your summer days, DrinkTanks is here to make sure your favorite summer beverages stay refreshing all day. Spend more time having fun — and less time worrying about your drink getting warm and flat. Drink up!

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