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Better Beer: 3 Reasons You Should Get a Growler Today

It's no secret that America loves beer: in 2015, around 85% of it was produced domestically, right here on our own soil. With so many small and independent craft brewers cropping up in recent years (they now represent around 12% of the entire beer industry!), access to unique drafts and small batch brews has grown significantly. But there's just one problem: most craft beers are only available on tap. So, what are you going to do if you desperately want to share that deliciously flavorful and one-of-a-kind brew with a friend who can't make it to the actual brewery? What if the production is limited and will no longer be available once they run out? The solution is simple: get a growler! Here are three reasons why a growler will prove itself as the most valuable tool you own:
    1. They maintain the high quality taste of beer that has come straight from the tap When you buy beer in cans, or even bottles, you have no indication of how long it has been sitting on the shelf. When was it brewed? When was it packaged? The flavor and freshness can be lacking, leading to a dissatisfying experience. With a growler, freshness is maintained. In addition to the ability custom growlers have to keep beer carbonated and flavorful, stainless steel growlers are also insulated, keeping your brew ice cold for up to, and sometimes even beyond, 24 hours. Add to that the fact that they allow you to package and save your favorite craft beer that can't be found in stores, and they've essentially sold themselves already.

    1. They are convenient If you already know that you're obsessed with a certain craft brew, it's much easier to just fill up a few insulated growlers and take them all home with you at once. Might as well just stock up early and avoid having to make repeat trips to the brewery that might be 40 minutes away! Even better, they're perfect for parties. Metal growlers are virtually indestructible and are ideal for travel. You can share your favorite beer with your friends without having to worry about making a trip to the local brewery -- go camping, maybe, and break out a refreshing growler beer while everyone is gathered around the campfire.

  1. They're personal to you With an ever-growing craft beer industry and, subsequently, demand for ways to keep craft brews at home, custom growlers have stepped onto the scene. Although growlers have existed since the 1800s, personalized growlers have allowed individuals to find one that suits their every beer need. Love to hike and go on adventures? There are custom growlers that are perfect travel companions. What if you want a more classic, traditional look? Ceramic and glass growlers are out there, too.
Whether you're looking for custom growlers to hook all your friends up with, or something more specific and unique as a gift, they provide life-long benefits to the beer-lovers of the world. Enjoy better beer; get yourself a growler.
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