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The Many Different Types of Craft Beer Explained

growler pressure capBeer is incredibly popular in America right now. In fact, 14% of people in the United States drink beer at least once a week. The craft beer scene specifically is gaining more popularity than ever. For someone new to the scene, it can be kind of intimidating. That's okay, though, because here is a basic breakdown of the many different kinds of craft beer.


Ales are the more common of the two major types of craft beer. They are also the older of the two types. Ales are brewed with a top-fermenting yeast and fermented warm. They are typically stronger and more forceful in taste. Here are some of the most common types of ales.
    • Brown ales: Brown ales are reddish or brownish in color and are rather mild in flavor. The brown ales tend to offer hints of coffee, caramel, or toffee.
    • Pale Ales: These ales are lighter in color and have a sharper, more bitter flavor. In this family, you can find Amber, American Pale, Blonde, Irish Red, and India Pale ales.
    • Porters: Porters are dark in color and usually are associated with flavors like coffee, chocolate, or roasted grains. They are known to be thicker beers but aren't as thick as stouts.
    • Stouts: Stouts are also dark and rich in flavor. They are referred to as being thick and creamy compared to other types of craft beer. Flavors normally include coffee, molasses, licorice, and chocolate.


Lagers are not as common as ales, but they are still commonly available. They are made with a bottom-fermenting yeast and are brewed at colder temperatures. Because they are brewed colder, they have a cleaner, crisper, smoother, and more mellow taste. Here are some of the major types of lagers.
    • Pale lagers: Pale lagers are light in color. They are highly carbonated and have a light, refreshing taste.
    • Pilsners: Pilsners are light in color and are highly carbonated like Pale Lagers. They have a more bitter taste and distinctive flavor.
    • Marzens: These are also known as Oktoberfest beers and are full-bodied beers with dark copper or amber colors. They are rich and toasty in flavor and tend to be maltier in taste.
    • Bocks: Bocks vary in color, but they all tend to be a blend of malty sweetness and hoppy bitterness. They tend to be heartier too.

Beer Growlers and Growler Pressure Caps

The best thing about craft beer is the growlers. They make it easy for you to store and transport your favorite craft beer from place to place while keeping its temperature and integrity. There are many accessories like growler pressure caps and keg taps so you can turn your growler into a personal keg. If you're interested in these awesome growlers, growler pressure caps, and the like, check out our inventory today.
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