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Craft Beer Versus Mass Produced Beer: Why Craft Beer Is Better

So you're at a bar or a market that sells brews, and you don't know much about beer. That's okay because we're about to break it down for you. For lovers of craft beer, there has never been a better time to be alive. When you're in the beer and wine section, should you choose a local craft beer or a generic, mass-produced beer? What's the difference? Isn't beer just beer? Nope! Here are some of the main differences between craft beer and mass produced, domestic beer.
    • Appearance: Mass produced beers are typically a pale, watery yellow, and the head of the beer does not last long when poured into a glass. Craft beer comes in a variety of colors based on the brew, and the head provides a crisp look and taste that lasts.

    • Taste: Mass produced beers are typically monotone in flavor, and they are almost always served as cold as possible. Craft beers focus on a specific flavor palate that varies with the batch. It is typically served between 50 and 55 degrees Fahrenheit so you can notice the flavors better.

  • Production: Mass produced beer is typically made from cheaper ingredients in order to reduce the price of the final product. For instance, instead of the traditional hops, many popular beers now use rice or corn to cut costs. Craft beer is made with specific, hand selected ingredients, and it is only produced in smaller batches by master brewers who truly love beer.
Why craft beer is better So, now that you understand how craft beer is different from mass produced beer, here are some reasons why craft beer is the better option.
    • Better taste and variety: As stated previously, craft beer is brewed specifically with flavors in mind. You will almost never find two craft beers that are exactly alike, and that's because of the variety they offer. Craft beers also often vary by the season, so your favorite pumpkin ale is even more special because it's limited.

    • Better accessories: A vacuum growler is one of the best beer containers out there, and it's just one of the ways to enjoy delicious craft beer. The average light beer would be totally wasted on a vacuum growler. It keeps your beer fresh and won't compromise the taste. You can store all your craft beer in one of these puppies. Mass produced beer, on the other hand, does not pair as well with a growler.

    • Meet the brewers: Because craft beer is produced locally and in small batches, you can travel to a local brewery and meet the very people that crafted your favorite beer. How cool is that?

  • Don't forget the food: You've heard of food pairing with wine, and you can do it with craft beer too. You can find a beer that goes well with your favorite food to create the ultimate dining experience. Try doing that with a watered down, mass produced light beer.
As of today, the American craft beer market is valued at $23.5 billion. It's no wonder since it tastes greats, there's a huge variety, it's local, and it goes awesome with food. Check out our inventory of unique steel growlers and keep clicking to get yourself a vacuum growler to store and transport all your favorite craft beers.
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