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DrinkTanks Growler: A Great Camping Buddy

DrinkTanks Growler: A Great Camping Buddy

Fourth of July weekend is here! We’ll be kicking back, enjoying the awesome weather, and ice cold brews. Benjamin Franklin said it best – “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” Nothing says "Let's celebrate America!" quite like drinking beer and playing with explosives. We’re betting lots of you are planning on packing up and heading camping for the long weekend (we approve). We’re also willing to bet that when you think of camping, a few things come to mind: a raging campfire, stargazing, good food, great company, and of course – beer. We all know that beer just tastes better when you’re camping. There’s something about getting back to your campsite from a long hike, fishing jaunt, or mountain bike ride and enjoying your favorite beer. You can either pack a huge cooler with beer bottles or cans, or lug along a glass beer growler that will likely leak all over your expensive camp gear and leave your ale tasting flat. Boo. We’ve got a better solution to help bring your camping experience to the next level. Add a DrinkTanks Growler to your camping arsenal and you’ll be enjoying your beer the way it was meant to be enjoyed – cold, fresh, and carbonated. To celebrate Independence Day, there really is nothing more American than supporting your local community. We suggest getting your DrinkTanks Growler filled up with your favorite craft beers from one of your favorite neighborhood breweries. Some of our favorites here in Bend are the Descender IPA, Half Hitch, and IPA 97. You'll enjoy your beer a little bit more knowing you’re supporting your local brewers. We promise you there’s a good reason praised our Juggernaut DrinkTanks as a great camping buddy. This holiday weekend, do your beer justice by bringing it along in your DrinkTanks Growler.
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