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Best Beer Lovers Gifts this Valentine’s Day

Best Beer Lovers Gifts this Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day can be a hard holiday to shop. You can keep it simple with some flowers and a card, or go over the top with a candlelight dinner and tickets to the ballet. This Valentine's Day let DrinkTanks share some of our favorite beer inspired gifts, for all those beer-crossed lovers in your life! 

Damn Handsome Grooming Company Beer Soap

Damn, what a gift we have here folks. Hot date on Valentine’s Day? Don’t forget to scrub up with specialty beer-infused grooming products from Damn Handsome Grooming Company. From shampoo to soap these beer products will put a HOP in your step, and keep you smelling fresh, too. With styles ranging from Java Stout Beer Soap, Coconut Porter Shampoo and Hoppy Mint Beer Soap this roster of beer related grooming products is impressive to say the least. Look good, smell good and taste good for that special someone this year ;)

Cyberoptix Beer Inspired Clothing

Now smelling good is only half the battle. You are going to have to look the part of a true beer lover. Cyberoptix in Detroit designs and produces hand-printed clothing for him and her. Class up the joint with their hop themed necktie or try a Pashima scarf to keep yourself warm and comfortable! Any beer lover will barley be able to resist this Valentine’s gift. Necktie: $30.00 Pashima: $44.00

Craft-A-Brew Premium Beer Making Kit

Perhaps date night isn’t your cup of beer. You and your lover might simply prefer a nice relaxing evening at home. Just each other’s company…and a beer making kit! Using 100% malt extract, world class grains and delicious hops this kit is designed for beginners who want to try home brewing at home for the first time! Choose from a variety of beer styles and craft a little lover’s magic this February. Price: $48.00

DrinkTanks Growlers & Keg Cap Accessory Kit

Looking to keep your craft beer cold, fresh, and carbonated? DrinkTanks premium beer growlers keep your craft beer fresh! Add the DrinkTanks Keg Cap Accessory Kit to keep your beer fresh to the last drop! Don't let flat beer deflate your Valentine's Day this year! Prices:
  • Classic 64 oz: $69.00
  • Juggernaut 128 oz: $109.00
  • Keg Cap Accessory Kit: $45.00

Redcruiser Seasonal Beer Pairings 2016 Calendar

New Year, new beer and new love. You may believe calendars are a thing of the past, but think again. From Redcruiser this beautifully illustrated calendar is hand drawn and gives beer enthusiasts different beer and food pairings for each month! A simple, yet elegant design and made in Minneapolis, this beer lovers gift will ensure you never forget that anniversary again! Price: $20.00
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