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3 Winter Warmers to put in your DrinkTanks Growler

Regardless of whether you live in a place with snow or not, you’ll want to keep the cold away and bring the heat with these tasty beverages. DrinkTanks Growlers are the perfect way to transport these winter warmers.

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Beer in Review – 2020 Holiday Edition Beers

With the changes coming upon us, it makes me think about all the wonderful things about the holidays. The family, the friends, the memories of Christmas past and of course all the different occasions to share a beer with our loved ones.

Craft Beer & Chili Go Hand In Hand

The DrinkTanks Crew is comprised of a bunch of beer loving foodies! Not only do we indulge in craft beers, we love trying new recipes that use craft beer as an ingredient. This chili recipe is the perfect combination of spice, smoke, and freshness! 

5 Tasty Cocktails to Put In Your Beer Growler

Summer is a time for adventure. The longer hours and increased heat make the need for a quality drink vessel to carry...

Irish Coffee

In the spirit of St Patricks Day we have created a special irish coffee for the DrinkTanks Cocktail Class. Cheers!

Beer Carbonation Chart: The Importance of PSI

A variety of beverages require carbonation. Carbonation is the existence of carbon dioxide gas in the liquid. In simple terms the CO2 gas dissolves in the liquid. This dissolved carbon dioxide is what gives beer its fizz. Read on for more info.

Top 4 Beers to Pair with your Grandma's Stuffing

It’s that time again! Time to surround yourself with the ones you love. Keep the peace this year by bringing some of ...

Built for Beer

Here at DrinkTanks, we took the time to design a product to keep your beer fresh and carbonated. We all know that fl...


Drinktanks® Cocktail Class Our take on the classic brunch beverage: 24 oz. Light Beer 8 oz. Orange Juice 1 Bottle Ch...

'Adult' Slushies: Pennsylvania's Latest Alcoholic Rage

When you think of summer, two things usually spring to mind: endless heat, and lazy evenings spent drinking your adul...

Could Beer Be Good For You? Benefits Of Drinking Beer

It's fairly common to hear about how bad beer can be for you, even from those who drink other types of alcohol. Peopl...
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