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How to Play a Mayhem-Free St. Patrick's Day Party | DrinkTanks

How to Plan a Mayhem-Free St. Patrick's Day Party

As fun as it was to throw on something green, bar hop, chug green beer, and cap the night off with an Irish Slammer — you’re a bit older now. It’s time to take a different approach to celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day. One that involves a little less shenanigans… still fun! Just maybe with a little more sophistication. 

It doesn’t mean you can’t have fun on March 17 — far from it actually. Let’s walk through how to plan a Saint Patrick Day party that will be plenty-o-fun while still being able to get your kids to school and yourself to work the next day.

Plan Your Festivities around a Meal

For many of us, celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day when we were younger usually meant skipping food and jumping right to the Irish Car Bombs. And that’s just a shame because corned beef and soda bread are delish! 

Nowadays, nothing brings friends together like a good meal. It’s also a great excuse to have a drink or two. So, replace the bar crawl with a Saint Patrick’s Day dinner party! 

Whoever hosts the party can take care of the main dish like the corned beef and cabbage or the Irish stew. The guests can bring the sides like soda bread or Irish colcannon. You’ll be surprised how soon you’ll have a feast on your hands.

A hearty Saint Patrick’s Day meal will probably lead to a pretty full stomach, which in theory, should help you not go too overboard on the drinks. Because really, a pint of Guinness is a meal in itself. 

Play Games — Before and After Dinner

A little friendly competition never hurt anyone. Games always liven up a party. And there’s no shortage of options when it comes to Saint Patrick’s Day games. It could be as simple as playing Bingo to participating in an all-out scavenger hunt. Or how about Pin the Hat on the Leprechaun? 

If you are absolutely dying to relive your college days, there’s plenty of drinking games you can play on Saint Patrick’s Day. For example, here’s how to play beer pong in style on March 17:

  1. Use green cups instead of red ones. 
  2. Fill cups with Guinness instead of that very light and cheap domestic beer. 
  3. Draw shamrocks on the ping pong balls. 

BOOM. May luck be on your side. 

Need something to keep the kiddos entertained? Let them loose with your recycle bin, scissors, tape, and string and see who can create the best Leprechaun trap. 

Maintain Some Traditions!

Just because the setting has changed doesn’t mean you should throw everything out. Make sure everyone still wears something green to the party. If not, any offenders should be pinched or at the very least teased about not having enough Saint Patrick’s Day spirit. 

And while you are trying to be more responsible, don’t forget to have plenty of Guinness and green beer on hand. What’s a Saint Patrick’s Day celebration without them? However, this year, maybe make sure people drink water in between drinks or shots. 

No matter what you choose to drink on Saint Patrick’s Day, you’ll want to keep it nice and cold. That way, you won’t have to excuse yourself to *gasp* pour out a drink and grab a new one. Our Craft Pint Cups keep beverages cold for hours.

Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day in a Fun, Responsible Way

You can make this Saint Patrick’s Day your best one, yet, without all the craziness of yesteryear. With a little planning, you and your friends can have plenty of fun at home — and still get a nice little buzz. 

Because let’s face it, celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day right certainly calls for having a drink or two. Responsibly of course. From all of us here at DrinkTanks, have a happy and safe Saint Patrick’s Day -- Cheers!

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