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6 Ways to use your Growler Beyond Beer

6 Ways to Use your DrinkTanks Products Beyond Beer

Growlers, what would we do without them? They are perfect not only for storing our favorite beverages but crafting them as well — from tasty perfect cocktails to refreshing mimosas. But that’s only scratching the surface of their functionality. 

Over the years we’ve talked a lot about using our growlers to craft the perfect pitcher of cocktails, mix a carafe of mimosas, and of course… beer! But there are so many other ways you can use our Growlers + cups outside of adult beverages. Listed from most obvious to least expected, here’s a quick roundup of ideas and other uses for our growlers and cups beyond adult beverages. 


This one seems pretty obvious. But if you’ve only used your growler for your favorite brew, you may not have thought of this. The same technology that’s used to keep your beer fresh and cold also works to keep water ice cold on hot days. Depending on the size of the growler, it can be used for hydration on hikes, at the gym, during your workday or as a family refill — perfect for track meets, doubleheaders, and soccer games. Bonus: adding the Spout Cap to your Craft Growler is the perfect accessory for easy sipping.


There are few things better than a hot drink on a cold morning, right? Make yourself a fresh pot of coffee in the morning, fill up a 20 oz Craft Cup – with the lid, of course –  for your commute, and then fill up your Session Growler with the rest of the pot before you head out for the day. Your growler will keep that coffee piping hot all day long. 

Or, if you’re a cold brew lover, that works too!


If you make your own Kombucha, you know that finding a way to keep it fresh and bubbly is essential. Enter our Craft Growlers with Keg Cap attachment.  Originally built for beer, it’s the perfect way to store any carbonated beverage for up to 30 days – including your homemade ‘booch. Give the Keg Cap a little charge with our Co2 and dispense into your favorite DrinkTanks cup. 

Smoothies/Fresh pressed juice:

If you’re on a health kick but pressed for time, make a big batch of your favorite green juice at the beginning of the week and store it in your growler. Then all throughout the week, as soon as you finish your morning workout, you can  pour some into your 10 oz Craft cup and fuel yourself up to win the day! 

Ice cream:

No really. Don’t knock it till you try it! The double-wall insulation of our Craft cups is perfect for keeping your ice cream cold without your hands getting cold – and the 10 oz cup is the perfect size to hold a dip of your favorite flavor. And if you really want to level up, use the Pint cup so you have extra room to pour your favorite side over the top and make it a float.


Yep. Heat your favorite soup in the morning before work, pour it into your 32 oz Session Growler, and enjoy a warm lunch on a cold workday. You can pour it into a bowl when you’re ready to eat or if it’s a creamy soup, like tomato, drink it straight out of the growler!

And because our growlers are passivated, flavors won’t transfer between fills once your finish your coffee, just give it a wash and head straight to your favorite growler fill station. Proof that DrinkTanks products are built for all of life’s adventures. 

Feeling inspired? If you try any of these (or maybe something we didn’t even mention) post it on Instagram and tag us! 

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