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Holiday Gift Guide | DrinkTanks

The 5-Minute Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are here! And you know what that means, it’s gift shopping time. While some of you might relish the adventure (and challenge) of finding the perfect gift for everyone on your list, let’s be real — it can be an exhausting experience. We’ve got you covered with this quick gift guide! Hopefully, it helps you save time and reduces some holiday stress. 

Plus, you can always celebrate crossing off a person on your list with a nice refreshing beverage. It’s a win-win all around. Cheers!

Help the Outdoors Lover Explore

All of us have loved ones or friends who love being one with nature. And while quality camping/hiking gear can be spendy, there’s plenty of useful gifts for outdoors lovers that don’t have to break the bank.

  • Multitool. It’s one of the most versatile tools you can have. Everyone should have one — especially someone who enjoys the outdoors. They are compact and lightweight. And can come in handy in a variety of situations. One we love: Leatherman – plus, they offer customization!
  • Hammock. We are going to assume anyone serious about the outdoors probably has a solid tent, camping chair, etc. But what about a hammock? Show your fav outdoorsy person you care about their relaxation the great outdoors with a portable, lightweight hammock! One we love: ENO SingleNest Hammock – don’t forget the straps!
  • Solar power flood light. A campfire can only provide so much light — and that’s if you are allowed to have campfires. Enter solar-powered flood lights. They provide more coverage, making it easier to find the way to the beer cooler. At the very least, what outdoor enthusiast couldn’t use another quality flashlight? One we love: Goal Zero Torch 500 Multi-Purpose Light
  • Waterproof speakers. We are all about respecting nature (or quiet hours), but waterproof speakers are another can’t-miss gift. After a long day hiking or fishing, what’s better than listening to some tunes while cooking dinner over the fire. One we love: JBL offers a wide variety of quality, durable speakers to fit any budget.

  • Session Pint Cups. Sturdy, lightweight + stackable means easily packable in any camp setup you have. The Session Pint cups are a must-have for any outdoor lover. – For a little extra fun, consider personalizing each cup with custom engraving. 


For Those Who Hit the Links 

Whether you know a serious golfer or a more casual one, you have plenty of easy but meaningful gift options to choose from. Also, it doesn’t hurt that most golfers enjoy a refreshing beverage or three while playing.

  • Personalized ball markers and divot tools. Sticking with the personalization theme, there’s also personalized ball markers and divot tools. Maybe words of inspiration for them as they prepare to putt. Or yeah, your beautiful face works too. That way they will never forget this gift was from you. One we love: This Etsy shop offers a classy option in aluminum, brass, or copper.
  • Golf club covers. Covers come in all colors and styles. We’re big fans of college mascot ones — because there are some seriously wild and funny-looking mascots out there. We’re looking at you Western Kentucky. But seriously, any golfer will appreciate being able to protect their precious clubs a little easier.
  • Magnetic golf towels. Yes, these are real. And yes, golfers are serious about keeping their clubs clean. That means having easy access to a towel — and a magnetic one can easily attach to a cart or even clubs themselves. You might be laughing at the idea, but the golfer in your life will be super stoked. One we love: Ghost Golf
  • Craft Growler and Spout Cup Cap. We mentioned golf and cold beverages (yeah, those kinds) go hand in hand. So, why not make it easier for the golfer in your life to keep their beverage (and more of it) colder through a whole round of golf. Nine holes or 18, DrinkTanks® growlers will keep beverages perfect for hours. Throw in our Spout Cap to make it even easier for that golfer to sip between shots – the golf kind.

  • Literally anything from LINKSOUL. From classic golf apparel and trendy everyday wear to hats and even wall art, LINKSOUL has it all. And since we couldn’t choose just one thing, we decided to link their whole Golfer Gift Guide.

Indulge the Beverage connoisseur

If COVID has taught us anything, it’s that there’s a budding mixologist in all of usl. So of course we’ve rounded up some great ideas for the beer/spirits/wine enthusiast in your life.

  • 10 oz craft cups. Our craft cups are perfect for keeping beverages nice and cold (or warm). That makes them ideal for parties, BBQs, and tailgates. Their versatility makes them a must-have — especially for fans of mixed drinks! 
  • Fun ice cube molds. When it comes to cocktails, a lot goes into the presentation. Heck, even the ice cubes can be fancy. So help your favorite mixologist add a little flair to their drinks. Get them a fun ice cube mold. They come in all shapes now. You can even get them personalized! Imagine all the possibilities… One we love: Siligrams 
  • Mixologist book. No matter their skill level, anyone who enjoys spirits can benefit from a mixologist book. Beginners can develop their cocktail-making skills, while more experienced mixologists can hone and refine their fav drinks or take on new cocktails. The gift of knowledge never fails, right? 
  • A (Good) bottle of their favorite spirit. You can’t go wrong with getting someone a top-shelf bottle of their favorite spirit. I mean who are we kidding, even a step above their usual fare would probably be much appreciated. If they have a favorite spirit, you can find a local distillery or try for a new brand. Or if they seem all over the place, a sampler of spirits is a safe choice too! 

For the Person that Already has a DrinkTanks Craft Growler

You didn’t think we’d forget about this person on your list, did you? This is the DrinkTanks blog after all. So, to round our our gift guide, here are some great ideas for the DrinkTanks lover in your life.

  • Keg Cap. If someone has a 64 or 128 oz Craft Growler and not a Keg Cap®, then this is the perfect gift. And really, it’s like the gift that keeps on giving because it will provide the perfect pour of their favorite beverage over and over again.

  • CO2 refills. If your loved one already has a Travel Keg® or Craft Growler + Keg Cap® combo, it may be time for a CO2 refill. Just keep in mind that the CO2 can only be shipped ground!

  • Hydrascape Sticker. Stickers on a water bottle is all the rage for kids these days. Did that just make us sound really old? Well, we’ll go ahead and lean into that by saying these whipper snappers are on to something. DrinkTanks is now an official Hydrascape retailer. So, level up your growler with a scape of your favorite PNW mountain with a Hydrascape Sticker.
  • Ugly Sweater Craft Cups. Back by popular demand is our Limited Edition Ugly Sweater Collection. This year, it includes our expanded line of cups. Choose from the “Be Merry” in any size or a fun “Naughty or Nice” 10 oz. 2-pack. You can make this a new annual tradition and build a collection of festive cups or keep your eyes peeled for any of our Limited Edition releases throughout the year. 
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